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The dudes over at Devaskation sent me these Radar Presto Wheels to review!

I was sent 4 x 88a in turquoise and 4 x 91a in highlighter yellow (best colour) and decided to try them out in a few different combinations.

You may have heard people talk about pusher wheel set ups and possible thought that this was some kind of lingo for drug dealing, but worry not, pusher wheels don’t sell drugs then just give you more grip!

Pusher Wheels

Do you have a full set of 8 wheels and find they aren’t quite perfect? Maybe you slide out too much around the corners or you don’t get enough slide when you plow but need the grip for skating? Adding in wheels of different durometers (stickiness) might solve your problem.

The “pusher” wheel is the stickiest one so if you decide you need more slide, you add in slippier wheels and your old, sticky wheels become the pusher. Make sense?

There are quite a variety of pusher set ups you can try if you have 4 of one duro and 4 of another; which combination suits you will depend completely on you! Your skating style, whether you block or jam, if you prefer slide or grip…. So you’ll just have to experiment 🙂

But don’t feel restricted to having to use 4 of each duro! You could use one single pusher wheel or you could have 4 different durometers on each skate. Customising your set up to it you perfectly is fun!!! Although probably can get expensive….

Rollerderbyhouse.eu explain the why and where of pusher wheels brilliantly so check out their article here. There are more varieties than even they discuss, some of which I tried out with the Prestos.

Here’s what they describe as the ‘Super Grip’


pusher wheels


And here’s the ‘Sporty‘ or ‘Morty’


pusher wheels sporty



Radar Presto Wheels 

On to the review!

I skated on painted (slippery) concrete, smooth skate park concrete and our dusty/sometimes-slippy-sometimes-sticky wooden sports hall floor!

At first I felt like these wheels felt super hard, but I had *just* reviewed the Juice Spiked 93’s which, weirdly, felt much stickier even though technically they’re harder – durometers aren’t always the thing to go by obviously! 

On the painted concrete I didn’t feel like I had much grip at all when cornering, in any of the combinations, but particularly in the ‘Sporty’ set up I felt squirrelly.

However, on the smooth skatepark concrete these wheels felt sticky! Compared to my Morphs, I could not plow stop or hockey stop with confidence but these felt great on the (tiny) ramps that I attempted.

On the wooden sports hall however, these wheels really came into their own – they felt grippy in the corners but with enough roll to give me plenty of speed and not slow me down. I felt I had to put in a lot of work with strides in my Juice Spiked wheels but these felt like a breeze.



Stops on the painted concrete were SO NOISY which I love! I didn’t notice too much difference in the combinations as the floor was so slippery, but felt like having the 88’s on the inside wheels was the most stable and predictable on this floor.

Back on the wooden floor, and for the whole of training, I kept my set up with the 88’s on the outside and the 91’s on the inside (as in the photo above); I do this because I use my inside edges for plowing and the more slide I have here, the better. In fact, as far as pusher set ups go, this is my favourite – you get a bit of grip on your left outside edge when cornering and then can use both outside edges to dig in when you’re being pushed forward as a blocker. Digging in when being pushed was one thing that the Juice wheels were actually great for.

You’ve probably seen the Nail Your Stops – Radar Wheels video…. well, these wheels really make stopping feel amazing! When you’ve got the right floor-to-duro combination, stops feel really quick and controlled. The wheels act predictably so you aren’t worried about face-planting or crashing into a wall if you have to suddenly stop from a sprint.

Overall I really, really liked these wheels! They’re great quality, really feel like they’re worth the money and do exactly what it says on the tin.



Stability, control, screech – sums up these Radar Presto Wheels perfectly! 

Get these wheels from Devaskation here or from Amazon.co.uk here.

Big thanks to The Core for letting me use their floor and to Gore Jes & Wild for helping me attempt to recreate the Radar video!

Treble Maker 909 xx


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