November’s Cool Things: Poorly Cats, Off-Season & Unofficial Mental Toughness Month

November has been a rollercoaster of a ride, hasn’t it?

I turned 30, released my first book, watched an amazing Champs weekend, woke up to the news that Trump won the U.S election, had food poisoning/norovirus, played against Paris Roller Girls, fouled out for the first time in my derby career, was awarded the Spirit Award, Pidge has been poorly and I got to hang out with my old teammates watching some of my new teammates kick ass at Road to TBC….. Phew!

Now, December is upon us and Xmas on the horizon. Which means it’s almost 2017… WHERE HAS THIS YEAR GONE?! For many of us, 2016 can just end already! But it hasn’t been all bad. Some good stuff has happened along with the bad. So lets try our best to focus on the good stuff and enjoy the off-season.

Now, onto the links:


Happy clicking guys.

Treble x

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