When You Don’t Make Attendance….

So something new happened to last week. Something I’ve never experienced in roller derby before….

I didn’t make the roster for an upcoming game because I didn’t make attendance.

I did the calculations and I think I only missed out by 1 practice. Poop. 

This is a first for me because:

  1. My attendance at my old league was always good, not quite 100% but pretty close most of the time. Besides a few holidays, injuries and sick days, I was in the top % of attendance.
  2. My last league was small. We never had more than 12 skaters for a bout whilst I was there and therefore, being strict on attendance minimums for bouts was tricky. We needed all the bodies we could get on track so we couldn’t afford to be as strict as we wanted to.

So how does it feel to not make attendance?

Kinda crap.

But not because I think I’ve been treated harshly by the coaches. In fact, I really appreciate the way in which they told me and the fact that this league has strict attendance minimums in place. It makes it feel like I’m with a totes profesh league! (That’s not to diss my old league in the slightest; I fully understand the struggles that come with being a small league and the limit that puts on things.)

It’s crap because I know it’s entirely my fault.

Yes, I had an injury which kept me from training but I *could* have come and just taken part in the warm up or pootled around the outside.

Yes, I’ve been on holiday but I could have ensured I made as many practices as possible beforehand (requiring better organisation skills!).

Yes, I’ve been tired/sick but was I really that tired or sick that I couldn’t have coped with a couple of hours on skates?…..

What this has taught me

Be organised – It’s not the coaches job to tell you how many sessions you’ve attended. It’s not their job to make sure your bad organisation doesn’t cause you to miss practice. Forward planning and some effort to be more organised can go a long way to ensuring things don’t get in the way of derby.

Be accountable – Tracking your attendance is up to you. If you know how many sessions you’ve attended, you already know whether you’re eligible for team selection or not. And if you want to play at a higher level, sometimes you just need to suck it up and go to practice/to the gym/attend the meetings whether you want to or not. No one else is going to make you do it so you have to be accountable to yourself.

Learn from everything – When things go wrong or you “fail”, there is no use getting angry, upset or beating yourself up. Learn from it, figure out why it happened and what you can do to prevent it in the future. Failures are always experiences that make you a better skater if you can learn from them.

Realise sometimes shit happens – Sometimes life happens and plans will not materialise. Sometimes you will not make practice and sometimes you will not make rosters. It’s not the end of the world, roller derby isn’t going anywhere! Things like traffic, work, illness and injury are facts of life that you need accept and plan for.

What am I going to do about it?

Get organised: I am in the top 5 of the most disorganised people I know so, I’ve started a Bullet Journal. If you’ve heard of it, sorry, yes I have become a BoJo wanker. If you haven’t heard of the Bullet Journal you can check out what it is here.  I have the memory of a goldfish; I’m about as forgetful as they come. I am hoping that the Bullet Journal will be the antidote to this.

In the journal, I can jot down all my games, bootcamps, training sessions, meetings, socials etc. I can see at a glance what the next month has in store and make sure I don’t double book or forget to take that important thing with me. I’ll know when to book the next day off work or to finish early.

There will also be lists!! So. Many. Lists. With things that I will actually tick off rather than forgetting about!

This might be all common sense to other people but to Disorganised Treble, it’s a bit of a revelation and I am hoping it will reduce the amount of Shit Happens moments!

Getting accountable: I am also going to use the bullet journal to track my practices, gym sessions and extra skating that I do. This way I can see at a glance how many sessions I’ve attended this month and whether I am within the team selection percentage. If I can see that I need to attend this session or I won’t be able to play in the next game, I’ll be much more motivated to attend, even if I’m tired!

I can also see if I’ve been slacking on my off-skates training and see how many hours I’ve spent on skates.

I am also using it to record my goals – skating, fitness, life and blog. Because, when you write goals down, they are more likely to happen! I’ll also be able to see whether I have actually achieved them or not rather than just forgetting all about them.

I also plan on recording post-game, scrimmage and training info so that I can see what good/bad stuff I did because I have the memory of a goldfish. Oh wait, did I tell you that already….?

Contribute in other ways: I won’t be playing in that game but I can definitely help my team in other ways: I can give them any intel I have on the other team, watch and analyse enemy footage, offer my NSO services, be their biggest cheerleader and attend all the training sessions before to make sure they have people to train against. Just because I’m not on the roster, doesn’t mean I’m no longer part of the team. I need to be a good teammate all the time, not just when I’m going to be playing in a game.

I hope sharing my disappointment and what I’m going to do about it will help you avoid being in the same situation in the future – get organised, get accountable, learn from your mistakes and plan for when Shit Happens!

But remember; if you don’t make the roster today, there is always a tomorrow and there is much more to being a teammate than being on the track on game day. You’re part of the team whether you’re wearing skates or not.


UPDATE: If you want to track your attendance or other habits such as #exerciseeveryday, you can download a FREE Habit Tracker here.


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