“I’m not fit enough to even try Derby”

On Saturday, I popped my best friend’s Derby cherry by taking her to watch Tiger Bay vs Crime City in Cardiff. She told me she has dreamt about Roller Derby every day since! She says she wishes she could skate and that she’d love to give Derby a go.

YEY! I’m excited and want to pull her into our weird and wonderful Derby cult.

Looking sexy as always in my Fresh Meat session

Looking sexy as always in my Fresh Meat session

“But I’m not fit enough, I have no leg muscles!” “I cant skate!” “I don’t want to be the only shit one when everyone else is good!” “I’m going to be useless and fall over all the time!” So many barriers preventing her from giving it a go.

Serendipitously (wow, wasn’t sure that was actually a word, thanks SpellCheck), I had a private message on the Twitters from a girl saying similar; she wants to try Derby but wants to lose weight and get fitter first, do I have any tips for her.

First of all, most people can’t skate when they first start, almost everyone falls on their ass a million times and 99% of noobs are unfit. You don’t have to be “fit” to start training and you definitely don’t have to be able to skate.

As for losing weight, you definitely don’t have to be “skinny” to play Derby! In Derby, there is a place for every shape and size – big girls make for formidable blockers in my experience. “Skinny” also does not mean “fit”.


That being said, I can sympathise with both and, having a foundation of fitness is only going to be beneficial; building strength/stamina as well as confidence. I think the hardest part about joining is having the balls to give it a shot! (It took me about a month to work up the guts to go to my first practice!) 

Does this sound like you?? Do you have something holding you back?? Would you LOVE to try Derby but you don’t feel fit/slim/strong enough?? Let me know in the comments and I shall return with tips just for you!

Treble 909 xx

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