Get Better At Backwards Skating

Backwards skating is hard, right? As a Freshie, trying going backwards for the first time can be nigh on impossibru!  It hurts like hell too, you use muscles you didn’t even know you had!

But backwards skating is essential in the derby of today and in my opinion, is super fun too. If you wanna chest block, use your flank, be a brace or hit someone out and take them back miiiiles, then backwards skating is a skill you need.

Being comfortable skating backwards will make you so much more dynamic.

Smarty Pants & Snot Rocket Science showing off! Via: RDJunkies

Smarty Pants & Snot Rocket Science showing off! Via: rdJunkies

Skating forwards tends to favour your glutes and quads whereas backwards skating, especially using the sticky feet technique like we get taught at Fresh Meat, calls upon your hamstrings and inner thighs more to pull your legs back together. Your calves also get a good burning too! However, your glutes and outer thighs are still important for getting speed and power into your stride.

So, I’ve put together a little workout that targets those areas and should hopefully help build the leg strength you need to re-ee-wind around the track!

See below the video for the breakdown.

Warm up – 20 each of

    • Goodmornings – With a straight back, hinge at the hips pushing your butt backwards.
    • Half Squats – Legs hip-width apart, making sure knees don’t cave in & track through feet.
    • Knee Highs – Bring your knees up as high as you can get them.

Legs & Glutes – 2 rounds of 20 reps each exercise (10 per side)

    • 1 Leg Deadlifts – Balance on one foot with a soft knee, with a straight back hinge at hips sending the other leg straight back,  reach down to knees/shins.
    • Skater Circles – Squat low & slide one leg out round and back in a skating stride style, keeping all your weight on your other leg.
    • Lunge To Leg Raise – Perform a reverse lunge & when you come up, lift your back leg straight, squeezing your glutes. Perform all reps on one leg before swapping.
    • Chair Squat Pulses – With knees and ankles close together, squat down as low as you can and pulse.

Core & Thighs – 2 rounds of 20 reps each exercise (10 per side)

    • Ab Scissors – Lie on your back with your hands placed under your butt, scissor your legs engaging your core, swapping leg position as you go.
    • Half Side Plank Leg Raise – Get into a side plank position resting all your weight on your forearm and back foot. Raise the other leg out straight.
    • Plank Walkout & Leg Raise – Start stood up straight & roll down slowly, stretching your hamstrings, walk out on your hands until you reach plank position then extend one leg up at a time.

Cardio Finisher – 2 rounds of 30 secs

  • Fast Low Jacks – Staying in a narrow squat position, quickly jump your feet in and out quickly, staying low. If jumping hurts your knees, step each foot out quickly.


Hope you enjoy the workout.


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