Dear Every Injured Teammate…

Dear Every Injured Teammate;


Before I start, know that I think you’re awesome and what I’m about to say comes only with derby-love for you and our team……..


If you are injured, please, do not skate.


When you’re injured and still skate, if I accidentally trip you up or hit you and hurt you, I feel like a giant douche. I hate hurting people I like and hurting you plays on my mind for the rest of the session. If I accidentally hurt your poorly bit, I hold back, I don’t want to hit you and will let you pass me by. If I was trying something new and you got hurt, I feel like I’m very shit at that particular skill and I should never do it again. I’m always worrying about your injury and constantly apologising for forgetting about it. When I’m on track with you, Injured Teammate, my mind is on your injury, not on the game. Jamnesia doesn’t work when I hurt my Injured Teammate.


I know why you want to keep skating because I feel the same. You don’t want to let the team down, you don’t want to miss out on any important stuff, you don’t want your skills or fitness to disappear.


But if you keep skating and keep hurting yourself, you’re never going to heal and will probably make the damage worse.


I want you to heal up, get strong, come back and kick ass. I don’t want you to have to retire because you never took care of those boo-boos properly.


As a team, we need you to be strong and fit and healthy. As much as we want you on track with us, we want you to rest and repair. As a team, we will deal with your injury together and we will be here for you when you return.


Yes, things might be harder without you, we might lose more because you’re not there but that will make us stronger as a team.


I get it, you don’t want to miss out, you love the sport and you love the team and it feels really shit being on the sidelines. But you need to do that for yourself AND the team.


Please, do not skate. Rest up, heal up, get strong, come back and kick all of our asses twice as hard.




Your Teamie xx




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Warm up properly before a workout to prevent injury – don’t do static stretches!

Stretch BEFORE you cool down, not after to prevent injury


Stay safe!


Treble Maker 909 xx