How To Crush Those Crossovers!


They look pretty cool, help you power out of corners and you can’t do your 27 in 5 without them.

But, they can also be damn tricky to master.

Simply put, a crossover is the transference of body weight from one foot to the other whilst crossing your feet whilst skating in a curve. Its more efficient to skate crossovers coming out of the corners as you use your leg strength to accelerate out to the straight. In Roller Derby direction, you cross right over left but you should practice going the “wrong” way too!

You need good hip flexibility, leg strength and balance to execute a great crossover, not to mention confidence.

Gorgeous example of a crossover

People often struggle because they feel unsteady or like their legs will get tangled and they’ll fall. They often lean away from the corner because they’re scared, rather than into it which makes crossing your legs into the corner that much harder!

If you struggle, practice on the straights first doing small crossovers or even sticky feet crossovers. Practice gliding one footed around the corner. Make sure your knees are bent! Drop your inside shoulder down and lean slightly in to the corner but keep your shoulders square so you aren’t twisting your body. You could even stick your arms out in a T position and go around like a little aeroplane!

But just practice, practice practice and eventually you’ll get it.

You can also do some great stuff off skates to help you crush those crossovers such as……

Crossover Crush Workout

Warm Up

  • 10 x Knee Highs L & R
  • 10 x Hip Openers L & R
  • 10 x Leg Swings L & R
  • 30 seconds Grapevines
  • 30 seconds Reverse Grapevines 
  • 30 seconds Stepping Speedskaters

Two Rounds: Strength

10 x Reverse Lunges L & R

  • 10 x Forward Lunges L & R
  • 20 x Alternating Reverse Crossover Lunges 
  • 10 x Curtsy Lunges L & R


  • 60 seconds Skater Jumps
  • 60 seconds Skater Jump + Hops 

Stretches : Hold for 10-20 secs

  • Inner Thigh Stretch
  • Hamstring Stretch 
  • Hip Stretch 
  • Groin Stretch


For more awesome stuff about crossovers, Atomatrix is your girl. She’s not only an awesome Roller Girl but one badass speed skater. Check out her Facebook and scroll back for some great golden nuggets of information:  Learn to skate with more lean in the corners! 

Let me know how you get on.

Treble x