Workout Quickies – Agility Dots Workout!


We could all probably do with a bit more of it in our derby lives; to hippity hop your way up the inside line, to turn on a dime to bridge a jammer back and a million other scenarios.

Luckily, agility workouts can be mega easy to do, don’t require much space and minimal equipment. In fact, keeping your workout area small more accurately reflects the space you have on a derby track. (Plus, I don’t have a garden, only a parking space!)

Agility Dots Workout

Grab yourself some cones, socks, bottles or even some chalk and create yourself a star shape with 7 dots. You can vary the distance between the cones to suit the space you have but you need enough space to take more than one step!

Like dis:




When performing the agility drills, the aim is to have light, quick feet and to gradually build up how quick you can do them.

Incorporating lots of hops, jumps, crossovers and direction changes will help solidify all that fancy footwork you’ve been doing in training as well build balance and strength in your muscles and stabilisers that are so important for agility work.

Because there are lots of things going on, it’s easier to perform these drills for time! 30-60 seconds for each drill is a good place to start. And you can either go through the whole thing before resting and repeat again for 2-3 sets or repeat each drill for 2-3 sets after some rest.

OR just do as many sets as you can!


Zig Zag Shuffle & Touch

Start at number dot 6 & shuffle diagonally to dot 5 then diagonally to dot 2, touching each dot with your hand by squatting down, always facing forward. Repeat in reverse from 2 to 5 to 6 Repeat for 30-60 seconds, reset at dot 7. Shuffle to dot 4 then dot 3 and reverse it back to dot 4 then dot 7. Repeat for 30-60 seconds.

Return To Centre Shuffle

Starting in the centre on dot 1 facing forward, use quick feet to shuffle to dot 2 then back to centre, dot 3 then back to centre and then continue this pattern for all of the dots, repeating for the prescribed time.

Corner To Corner Crossovers

Starting on dot 6, crossover diagonally with quick feet to dot 3, then laterally from dot 3 to dot 2. From here crossover backwards diagonally to dot 7. Reset here and crossover diagonally to dot 2, laterally to 3 and diagonally backwards to dot 6. Reset here are repeat!

Return To Centre Leaps

Use the same pattern as the return to centre shuffles only this time leaping from one dot to the next. Try to stay facing forward so that you are almost leaping backwards and remember to land with soft knees. Think like a cat.

Crossover And Run

Starting at dot 7, crossover to dot 6 then sprint up to and around dot 2 and back to 6. Crossover from 6 to 7 then sprint up to and around dot 3, turning the opposite way. Return to dot 7 and repeat for the time. Make sure you turn both ways and not just derby direction 😉

Zig Zag Run

Starting at dot 7 run in zig zags around dot 4 then 3. Then to dot 2, 5 then 6 and back to 7. Repeat for time. This is about changing direction in a small space. Don’t worry if you screw it up like I did! 😀


Give it a go and let me know how you get on via Twitter, Facebook or Instagram! 

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  1. I’m interested to try this out on skates too – lots of practice controlling stopping and going, and on the “running” ones, it will be a lot of sharp turns and working on edging. Definitely would wear full gear, lol.
    Definitely would be nervous about the leaps from center to the outside, esp. depending on how spaced out the dots are.

    1. Oh yes definitely wear full protection haha! 😀
      I think you could really mix up the footwork on skates, stepping, rolling, toe stops… loads of options! Let me know how it goes! 🙂

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